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Types of Corn

Sweet Corn
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Flint Corn
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dent corn
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About Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

This is the most common type of corn!

You find this corn at the grocery score in cans and fresh on the cob.

It has a high sugar content which is why it is called sweet corn!

About Flint Corn

Flint Corn

Flint corn is used widely as decorative corn.

It is a very hard type of corn which can be ground and used to bake with.

It is used for popcorn!

About Blue  Corn

Blue Corn

Blue corn is dark blue in color and it is also known as Hopi Maize.

It is still grown in the Southwestern USA.

About White Corn

White  Corn

White corn is the same type of corn as sweet corn.

It is considered a grain, a fruit and vegetable!

About Dent Corn

Dent Corn

Dent corn is a corn used for grain to feed animals. It has a small dent in every kernel!

It has a high starch content.

AboutRed Corn

Red Corn

Red corn is a hype of sweet corn but its smaller and leaner and sweeter!

The sweetness is bough out when its cooked.

Roasted Corn

Corn in the 4 Corners


The Hopi Pueblo people have a deep connection with Maize (corn). It is their family, their world.

When the people emerged into this world Masau’u provided the people with three gifts—a planting stick (so’ya) a bag of seeds and a gourd of water. He handed them a small ear of blue corn and told the people: “Here is my life and my spirit. This is what I have to give you.”

— A portion of a Hopi origin story

Masau'u (Earth God)

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